Decoding Lavazza’s Support for Israel


In a recent development, Lavazza Group, a prominent coffee brand and one of Arsenal’s sponsors, has found itself at the center of controversy for its refusal to align with a pro-Palestinian social media post made by Arsenal midfielder Mohamed Elneny.

Elneny, expressing his support for Palestine on Twitter, faced criticism from the Lavazza Group, who expressed concern about the post’s content. The player’s statement, which included the phrase “my heart and my soul and my support for you Palestine,” accompanied by pro-Palestinian imagery, drew attention from the sponsor.


Arsenal, in response, confirmed that they had engaged in discussions with Elneny regarding the “wider implications” of his post. The club emphasized the players’ right to express their views but also acknowledged the need to address the concerns raised by sponsors.

The Lavazza Group, as reported by the Jewish Chronicle, expressed immediate concern about being associated with a message that they deemed misaligned with their company values. The post included an image titled ‘Palestine Lives Matter,’ featuring an outline of Israel filled with pro-Palestine images, which reportedly caused distress among Arsenal’s Jewish fans.

The Lavazza Group conveyed to the Jewish Chronicle, “We’ll immediately reach out to Arsenal to remark we are concerned about the club associated with such a message. Content of this post is totally not aligned with our company values. Lavazza Group is fully committed against racism and antisemitism.”

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This incident brings to light the delicate intersection between sports, sponsorship, and political stances, highlighting the challenges faced by athletes and clubs when expressing views on sensitive geopolitical issues. It also underscores the influence sponsors wield in shaping the public image of sports entities, prompting discussions about the balance between freedom of expression and corporate partnerships in the world of professional sports.

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