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"A good healthy diet is key as it's not just about exercise. Below i have created my own diet plan for you to follow with the Mini V range which I have created alongside a professional nutritionist" - Vicky Pattison

Wake-up time


1x Mini: Burn
2x Mini: Detox

Here are some possible meals you could have in the morning. However, if you are in a rush and just cannot make breakfast, then take a "Mini: Shake" or "Mini: Bar" and this will give you around the same protein level that you require to start your day but if so,make sure you have a fulfilling lunch. 


- porridge and blueberries- 45g of porridge oats, 250ml semi skimmed milk, 25g of blueberries.
- scrambled eggs on toast- 2 eggs, 200ml semi skimmed milk and one slice of brown or whole meal toast.
- poached eggs and spinach- 2 medium eggs poached and 150g of spinach.
- fresh fruit and yoghurt- 1 banana, 50g of raspberries and blueberries, 20g crushed almonds, 100g low fat natural Greek yoghurt.
- mushroom and pepper omelette- 2 eggs, 50g of mixed peppers, 50g of mushrooms, 25g of reduced fat goats cheese.
- green detox smoothie- 1 apple, 1 cup of blueberries, 200ml almond milk and 100g of spinach.
- 1 slice of rye bread, thin spread of peanut butter and a small chopped banana.
- Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs.. 60g of smoked salmon, 1 egg and 50ml of semi skimmed milk (black pepper optional)
- super breakfast smoothie- 1 small ripe banana, about 150g of blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries or a mix and then 100ml of apple juice, coconut water or mineral water.
- mini fry up- turkey rashers (Mattesons 2), baked beans (Heinz reduced sugar and salt, 100g) mushrooms, (100g grilled) tomatoes (8, on the vine, grilled) and a small poached egg.
- weetabix, 2 with 200ml of semi skimmed milk and 50g of fresh raspberries.


- Turkey and Feta Salad- 125g cooked turkey breast, 25g of feta cheese, 200g of salad (which could be iceberg lettuce, rocket, watercress, spinach, cucumber, spring onion, etc.)- you can also add a splash of balsamic vinegar.
- chicken fajita wrap- 125g of cooked chicken breast with Mexican spices, 150g of peppers, 100g of mixed leaves.
- homemade butternut squash soup.
-  Tuna, Lime and Coriander Jacket potato- 1 tin of tuna (drained), mixed with 1 chopped red pepper, lime juice and coriander to taste- plus one medium jacket potato.
- Prawn and avocado salad- 125g of king prawns, 100g of avocado, 200g mixed leaves, 50g cucumber and a splash of balsamic vinegar.
-  Sweet potato mash 250g, feta cheese 40g, wilted spinach 100g, pine nuts 15g
- salmon salad- 1 salmon fillet, 1 red pepper, 20g cashews, 50g spinach, 50g cous cous
- Italian Salad, 125g of chicken breast, 200g of rocket, giant watercress and rucola, 40g mozzarella cheese, 25g sun dried tomatoes and fresh basil to taste  
- ham salad pitta- 1 large whole wheat pitta, 2 slice of dry cured ham, 50g ice berg lettuce, 20g red onion, half a table spoon of low fat mayo.
- prawn stir fry- 100g of prawns, 50g mange tout, 30g red pepper, 30g yellow, 1/4 of a fresh chilli, 30g baby corn, dash of low sodium soya sauce
- stuffed peppers- 1 large pepper, cut in half, drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, stuff with 50g cous cous, 25g of mushrooms, 20g of feta cheese and 50g of sliced chicken breast.


The end of the afternoon at work can sometimes feel like its dragging so on a non working training day take 1 Mini: Burn. If you feel peckish and need something to eat then the best solution is the Mini: Bar as this will make you feel like you are snacking and will also fill you up. 


1. 120g chicken breast, 20g pasta with 3tbs low fat sauce & mixed vegetables.
2. 90g homemade beef burger in brown bap with tomatoes, 2tbs low fat cheese & salad.
3. 130g lean turkey steak, small baked sweet potato & mixed vegetables.
4. 40g quinoa with 4tbs low fat tomato sauce, handful of cherry tomatoes & broccoli.
5. 130g salmon fillet, 20g brown rice & mixed vegetables.
6. Scrambled eggs (2 whole & 2 whites), 2tbs cottage cheese, spinach & kale.
7. 30g goats cheese, salad & 120g chicken breast.
8. 80g tuna burger, 20g brown rice & mixed vegetables.
9. 100g turkey burger in whole wheat wrap & salad.
10. 130g chicken with BBQ sauce, small mashed sweet potato & mixed vegetables.
11. 120g steak, broccoli & 20g quinoa with 2tsp pesto.
12. 80g tuna burger, salad & handful of almonds.
13. Omelette (3 whole & 2 whites) with 1 slice of ham, spinach & 2tbs cottage cheese.
14. 120g chicken breast, 20g brown rice & asparagus.
15. 130g salmon fillet, broccoli & small baked sweet potato.


- banana
- 30g of almonds
- 1 strawberry muller light
- 50g of hummus with 100g celery sticks
- 50g of blueberries, 100g low fat natural Greek yoghurt, 20g blanched almonds
- rice cakes with a tablespoon of peanut butter on each
- 25g cashews
-  2 whole wheat crackers topped with 60g of tuna seasoned with black pepper
- 1 half of an avocado topped with 50g cottage cheese
-  1 small apple cut into segments with 15g crunchie peanut butter
- 2 boiled eggs seasoned with black pepper
- 2 asparagus spears wrapped in 2 slices of prosciutto ham
- 2 squares of dark chocolate
- 1 cracked black pepper Ryvita with 30g soft cheese
- green smoothie;  kale, spinach, mint, apple and blueberry.