5 Protein-Rich Foods That Are Essential for the Elderly

With lower fat and therefore lower calorie content, lean meat is an excellent source of protein for seniors.

1. Lean Meat

As one of the lowest-calorie yet protein-rich foods on our list, fish is a great option for seniors to boost their protein intake.

2. Fish

Other nutrient-rich and protein-packed foods to incorporate into your diet are low-fat dairy products.

3. Low-Fat Dairy Products

A single, large, hard-boiled egg contains 78 calories and packs six grams of protein, proving once again that sometimes the best things come in small packages.

4. Eggs

Scrumptious soybean options are a great plant-based addition to any diet in need of some protein. Considered a whole source of protein, soybeans provide the body with all the amino acids it needs.

5. Tofu and Edamame