Discover's Top Keto Breakfast Recipes

Don’t know what to eat for breakfast on keto? Made from almond flour, cream cheese and eggs, these low-carb pancakes are just the thing.

1. Keto Pancakes

Start your day well with eggs in pots with smoked salmon. Enjoy this gooey dish on its own as an simple keto breakfast idea or serve with crusty bread for a warming brunch.

2. Keto Baked Eggs

On the go snacks have never been easier – these bars are full of nuts and other healthy fats, making them the perfect energy hit before the gym or when you’ve got a busy morning.

3. Keto Snack Bars

Want to be a meal prep expert? Make these quick and easy salami and cheese treats the night before and they’ll be perfect for breakfast the next day.

4. Keto Frittatas

Make ahead muffins, done! These strawberry, almond and chocolate bad boys can be baked at the weekend and will last you for most of the week. Well that’s one good reason to get up in the morning!

5. Keto Muffins