Coca-Cola’s Explicit Support for Israel


In a revelation that may leave a bitter taste for conscientious consumers, the Central Beverage Company, commonly known as Coca-Cola Israel, stands as a private Israeli manufacturer and distributor with an extensive portfolio of soft drinks, dairy products, and alcoholic beverages. As the exclusive franchisee of The Coca-Cola Company in Israel, it produces globally recognized beverages, including Coca-Cola, Sprite, Fanta, Kinley Soda, Costa Coffee, and FUZE tea.

Bottling Company
Bottling Company

Dominating Market Control: With a formidable grip on the Israeli soft drinks market, controlling approximately 40%, Coca-Cola Israel’s influence extends beyond quenching the nation’s thirst. The company, through its fully owned subsidiary, the Central Beverage Distribution Company, operates within the Atarot Settlement Industrial Zone, raising eyebrows about its activities in territories contested under international law.

Atarot Settlement Connection: Operating a regional distribution center and cooling houses in the Atarot Settlement Industrial Zone, Coca-Cola Israel’s presence becomes intertwined with the controversial issue of settlements in Occupied Palestine. The Atarot settlement, deemed illegal under international law, raises ethical concerns about the company’s business operations in this disputed region.

Expanding Controversy: The controversy doesn’t end with soft drinks; Coca-Cola Israel’s subsidiary, Tabor Winery, adds another layer of concern. Producing wines sourced from grapes grown on occupied land in settlements in the West Bank and Syrian Golan, the company’s reach extends beyond beverages into the realm of alcoholic products, further intertwining its business with territories fraught with geopolitical tensions.

Coca Cola
Coca Cola

A Call for Conscious Choices: In light of these revelations, conscientious consumers may reconsider their beverage choices, opting to steer clear of Coca-Cola products. The negative tone surrounding the company’s connections to the Israeli occupation invites consumers to make informed decisions that align with their values and contribute to a stance against corporate practices that may perpetuate geopolitical conflicts.

As the call for ethical consumerism gains momentum, individuals are encouraged to explore alternatives that prioritize transparency and responsibility. This spotlight on Coca-Cola Israel serves as a reminder that every purchase can carry broader implications, and consumers hold the power to influence corporate behavior through the choices they make.

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