The Proof of Nestle Support for Israel


Nestle’s ownership of a controlling stake in Osem, an Israeli food manufacturer operating in Occupied Palestine, has sparked a call for consumer action. Osem’s presence in the politically sensitive region has raised ethical concerns, prompting activists to urge a boycott of Nestle products until the multinational giant divests from all operations in Occupied Palestine.

Osem Nestle
Osem Nestle

Nestle’s influence extends to popular Osem brands like Sabra Salads and others, as detailed on the Wikipedia page provided in the source. Advocates for ethical consumerism highlight the importance of informed choices, emphasizing the impact such decisions can have on corporate accountability and the broader conversation surrounding business practices in conflict zones.

As the call to boycott gains traction, consumers are encouraged to explore alternative products and brands, fostering a dialogue on responsible corporate behavior in regions marked by geopolitical tensions. The spotlight on Nestle’s connection to Osem underscores the role of informed consumer choices in promoting corporate accountability.

List of Nestle Products to Boycott

Nestle owns a diverse portfolio of brands spanning various categories. Here are 50 brands that fall under the Nestle umbrella:

  1. Nescafé
  2. Nestea
  3. Nestle Pure Life
  4. Nestle Crunch
  5. Kit Kat
  6. Butterfinger
  7. Rolo
  8. Baby Ruth
  9. Nesquik
  10. Nestle Toll House
  11. Stouffer’s
  12. Lean Cuisine
  13. Hot Pockets
  14. DiGiorno
  15. Gerber
  16. Carnation
  17. Coffee-Mate
  18. Maggi
  19. Buitoni
  20. Häagen-Dazs
  21. Dreyer’s
  22. Drumstick
  23. Skinny Cow
  24. Aero
  25. Smarties
  26. L’Oréal (Nestle has a stake in L’Oréal)
  27. Perrier
  28. San Pellegrino
  29. PowerBar
  30. Boost
  31. Optifast
  32. Garden of Life
  33. Atrium Innovations
  34. Cetaphil
  35. Pro Plan (pet food)
  36. Fancy Feast
  37. Alpo (pet food)
  38. Purina
  39. Tidy Cats
  40. Friskies
  41. Chef
  42. Milo
  43. Herta
  44. Nespresso
  45. Blue Bottle Coffee
  46. Chameleon Cold-Brew
  47. Sweet Leaf Tea
  48. Aquarel
  49. Ski Yogurt
  50. S.Pellegrino

Please note that this list is not exhaustive, and Nestle’s brand portfolio may evolve over time due to acquisitions, divestitures, or other business decisions. It’s advisable to check the latest sources for the most up-to-date information on Nestle’s brand portfolio.

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